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Classified Words in the Canon

Late in 1997 a project team in Japan Sherlock Holmes Club started selecting words in the Canon and classifying them into various groups. The results were made available to its members as a booklet in the Japanese language. This rich accumulation of words has become a good source for website research and enjoyment for Sherlockians all over the world. More than seven thousand words have been compiled and classified, though keywords for classification are limited in number.

It would be our great pleasure if 'Classified Words in the Canon' could help you find information about:
- What dogs are found in the Canon other than Toby (SIGN);
- Which names of Swiss places ACD has written about;
- What kind of horse carriages are mentioned in the Canon;
- And more.
When a word meets two keywords, it is doubly classified in two categories. For example, you will find 'Dodd, James M.' (BLAN) in the groups of Soldier and Stockbroker.

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original 2003/01/15    updated 2004/03/15
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